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June 9th, 2006

Half way to 40....

I have extreme worries about being twenty now, as my friend so kindly told me last night, I am now half way to forty, closer to thirty than ten and one of the oldest on my course :P ! Hehe, but was lovely last night, we had pride and prejudice up until midnight, then cake after twelve! It was really lovely, and then I came back to my room, innocent as you please, opened my cupboard doors, and about forty balloons fell out! Well, it was a surprise to ay that least, and my keys were very skillfully nicked by my friends I have to say, it was a lovely surprise. But now I can declare to the world, I am officially 20, no more teenage angst for me ... sigh ... not more tantrums, but I guess I'll just have to fail on that count sometimes won't I? :D

May 25th, 2006

Tribe Overdose...

Gosh, I should NOT have bought Season 3 of the Tribe just before the exams ... I haven't been able to stop myself watching it and I've now watched the entire season in three days, 52 whole episodes ... oh dear... revision is going to me my life and breath for the next week now. Though having this vile flu-ey thing has not helped, have been in bed for three days with a temperature since the weekend, is incredibly sucky and doesn't help work. General yuck this morning and now have to make friend with 'a century of education', oh joy and bliss! :)

May 21st, 2006

Lewis-ing it!

Eww...lesson learnt, never leave college without an umbrella, am soaked, one of the bad points of Hoemerton being so far out of town, tho it's really not that far.

Ok, I'm gonna be brave, I'm gonna share my Narnia fanfic 'Daring to Dream' with the world! I have stepped from the boundaries of LOTRism and am going to share what I've been working on since October ... ok, here's the link:


Oh, and just so you know, go NOWHERE near the Lord of the Rings fic on this page, I wrote it years ago and am emotionally attached to it for nostalgic reasons, so have not taken it down. But, just so you are warned, it is appalling, written before I had read the Silm or anything, so please, leave it alone or be scarred for life at its awfulness!

May 20th, 2006

Too Much Celebration?

Am in a happy, contented mood today, two late nights worth of redrafting helps a lot when you wake up to realise that your coursework is done, even when your friend has finished and is bragging of certain things that I would rather not hear. Okay, just so the guys reading this know, here is a list of things not to brag about to friends who are straight girls:

-Girls you "like"
-Girls you "like" and the reason you "like" them
-Crazy nights out where you wake up next to one/two/multiple girls who you do not know but who are (not my words) "HOT" in capitals.
-The next night when you are meeting up with another girl, (tho you know this one) who is also "HAWT" and who you think is ... "f***ing stunning"
-Meat Markets
-ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU "Insatiable Appetite", again not my words.

If you hadn't guessed, I have just had a very disturbind IMing session with a friend from Bristol and am going to be scarred for life because of it...Grrr...my friend Helen's just assured me that it's probably ade up. I dunno, I just wish that Guys could stay bragging to 'guy friends' rather than innocent people like me who want to maintain their partial innocence of thought long enough to do revision. Ok, rant is over now! :D

May 11th, 2006

Yaay! My exam couldn't have gone better yesterday, I just felt so encouraged, cos the examiner made all the right noises and made lots of 'considering' comments which are always good from her! Oh thank goodness, had such a feeling of peace as we started, and I got the right reaction off all of my audience! Huzzah!

Today has been such a random jumble, bed making, film watching (for a lecture!) and discussions of Jordan's wedding dress(!?) I am so confused! But it was really nice to have lunch again with girlies after the nerves of yesterday, I spent the entire morning walking around in a terrified daze and was almost sick at one point. I really need to work on my pre-exam nerves, they get really bad, especially on the day of the actualy exam. Oh well! Onward and upward, work work work :)

May 9th, 2006

Yeshnu yeshnu yeshnu...

Yaay! Play was called 'a very fine piece of writing' by my dos who is a published playwright himself! All I can say is Woot! Yaay! I think that I am prepared for tomorrow, I did a runthrough with my lovely friend Liv who's reading it. It went quite well, I actually reacted to certain bits, even though I wrote it! It reminded me how depressing the piece actually is, though hopefully powerful ... well, we'll see! It'll be done by this time tomorrow...phew...well, it'll go!

May 8th, 2006

When I write a play for drama practical next time, I am NEVER going to do it on the Holocaust, I had to do more research on it today and it got me SO down ... but then I sent a draft to my dos and he sent a reply saying that it was vastly improved and 'fine writing', Yay! Depression is worth suffering for encouraging feedback from a playwright!

Cannot wait to go ceiligh dancing, it is so cheering-uppable, wish it would stop raining though, it decided to pour down just as I left HUS office today ... sigh ... don't you love England? :)

May 7th, 2006

Oo dear...morning morning

Got up after having spent the better part of last night talking on a forum for the creation of a British version of the tribe, and amazingly, they've asked me to have a part, I have just one thing to say SSQQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE!!!

I never thought that this would happen, but I'm gonna be on TV! I cannot believe it, it is amazing and all I can say is Praise God!

I've also spent the mejority of my morning adding various Tolkien people to my friends list, but as I do, something Alsion told me strikes me...that you have to pick one area of your life and focus upon that. It's TOO difficult! Well, I guess that I can do that, I'll just have to figure out which area...is making my brain hurt just thinking about it, oh well, back to redrafting play!

I cannot believe am gonna be on tv! The link is here: http://s14.invisionfree.com/uktribe/index.php?showtopic=129, it's so exciting!

May 6th, 2006

I promised myself that I would never become completely obsessed with a live journal, but I am growing gradually more bored and sick of attempting to redraft my play for the Practical Exam (aarrggh!) on Wednesday, so I suppose that I came here to waste yet more time, which is pretty pointless seeing as that I'm going to watch my friend's play at 2 and help her, oh dear...never mind, I will get through this even if it includes another all-nighter (would be much better if this did not happen).

Well, if anyone's reading this, I blame one person who's name is Eni, for trying to get me to do this for ages, and other called Jack ... Naaph ... MD ... evil people who I told myself I would not follow the example of in creating a word journal ... ah well! Life goes on!
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